About Us

We invest in people and capacity building through a partnership rooted in talent augmentation, purposeful business strategy, and digital transformation.

Our story isn’t complete.
It’s an evolving journey.

After 10+ years in marketing, paid advertising, and business strategy, Alexandra Sifton launched Futureproof in May 2018 with the goal of supporting owner-operated businesses and start-ups in their growth goals via marketing and sales strategies.

Since then, our services and offerings have changed as your market demands. That’s why we leverage market research and the latest industry trends to understand your customers and provide a customized solution based on your business goals. Our team partners with you to build a reciprocal learning experience as we harness the individual skills and experience of our team to execute your customized marketing strategy.


To bring the framework garnered from the new wave of business to enhance your business strategy.

To be your partner as you ease into new tools and approaches to grow your business in today’s shifting landscape.

To enable you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like to be with your digital execution.


Partner with like-minded professionals to transform their business operations and equip them with the brand, marketing, and sales tools and strategies necessary to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape.


We strive for innovation rooted in curiosity without fear

We leverage our expertise to push limits and explore new opportunities

We inspire confidence, leading empowerment through learning

Above all else, we lead with integrity

Say Hello to Your Futureproofers

Modern growth marketing teams include cross-functional members to iterate and iterate and move quickly on new ideas. With over a dozen Canada-based professionals, our full-time team of Marketers, Content Strategists, Videographers, Graphic Designers, and Developers are here to bring your strategy to life each and every day.

Don’t take our word for it.
Here is what our clients have to say about us.

"Alexandra and her team are professional, knowledgeable, and amazing to work with! They helped our company kickstart our marketing efforts and we have loved working with them!"

– Geoff Chan

"A smart, stellar and honest agency. The communication is clear and the results obvious. Love this woman-led agency and all they stand for."

– Patrice Mousseau

"Well run company with very knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated staff. Diverse skill sets and flexible service structure. Highly recommended."

– Sock Rocket

"Ali and her team are a pleasure to work with and more importantly, have continuously delivered results. We have worked with them for over a year and they have developed and executed successful marketing campaigns in addition to helping structure our in-house marketing team. They have created lasting, long-term impact in our organization."

– Christine H

"I only have great things to say about Futureproof – results-oriented, flexible, creative out-of-the-box solutions.. check, check, check! Highly recommend!"

– Rachel Lemkow

"I have worked with futureproof for 2 seasons (I'm a seasonal company) and I can't say enough positive things about them. I really appreciated the time that their team spends learning my business so their impact was that much greater."

– Raunie R

Are you ready?